The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

The ‘forbidden fruit’ was not the ‘fruit of knowledge’. It’s what I discovered to be a Jewish ideology, meaning the capacity to stop you from questioning them. Do not eat the ‘fruit’ from the ‘tree’ or you will sin. Isn’t that the same concept as do not question a Jew? How about political correctness? Politics don’t allow political truth. That, too, is a sin.

I met briefly an IDF Zionist one night in New York City, and his defense was ‘religion’ to justify the slaughter that took place in Gaza very recently. Before he could spit out any more words from his racist lips, he was immediately put in place. The ideology behind the Jewish mindset is to use ‘religion’ as its protection or whatever the hell it is they are trying to preserve in their senseless thinking. He was young and gullible. What was he thinking sitting in a roomful of pro-Palestinian advocates? I could only stare at him from a distance and rely heavily on vibes. Did he think we were going to be sympathetic to his immoral reasoning in this day and age? The Truth speaks for itself.

There seems to be a slight flood of younger Jews who are more open minded about their upbringings and desperately trying to understand why they are hated so much. I am speaking of the younger ones born and raised in the USA. How do they separate their brutal tribal upbringing versus the Truth? They are now victims of racism that their kind has created. Divide and Conquer they did, but within their own more so. There is an awakening not just in the world but within their younger generation who are ready to abandon that Jewish ideology because they want to ‘belong’. Face it, there are more Gentiles than Jews and the majority cannot be wrong. Wasn’t it shocking for us to learn the Truth with respect to our own American foundation and the lies taught to us in schools? Later in life we discover that our instincts were correct and the desire for Truth led us right to the answers we desperately needed. The Jews are now faced with racism of their own. Look now, they seek the Truth from the Gentiles. How ironic.

We all know that there are no famous Jewish philosophers, only racist Talmudic scholars. How hard can it be to abandon a Jewish ideology? God would never choose a group of brutal and mindless tribe to be His ‘chosen’ only to turn around and crucify His Son. They were the judge, jury and executioner! Does that make sense to anyone? Would you be loving and kind to your child’s murderer? Instinct should raise an alarm on that one. We were all created in His Image. Where did the Jews get the idea that they are above all, including God Himself? Self-worshiping is a dangerous addiction and destructive.

I’m not going to get into the Old Testament nonsense, because that is how I view it. Great fantasy stories and why only ‘Jews’ were the victims? Again weren’t they the ones Jesus Christ called out as the devil’s children in His Teachings in the New Testament? Please, alarms are going off again. They should be, otherwise your batteries need to be checked. The Old Testament teachings are worthless and have no value. Isn’t that why Christ came in the first place to cancel out the warmongering manual? Now the Jews want to ban the New Testament because it speaks Truth about them.

“Bloodline won’t get you into Heaven, but right worship will.” You don’t have to belong to any faith to understand this quote, just knowing right from wrong will suffice and questioning what your instincts tell you is wrong. No matter your beliefs, there is no way that the Great Spirit above will allow any brutal and mindless tribe to be above the humble. Let me add that they are heartless and unholy to deserve such a status.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Jesus of Nazareth


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