A Nightmare

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Silence never comes easy to a True Revolutionary. The drive within us makes it impossible.

Is there a difference between a Revolutionary minded male and female? It is still a man’s world, but a female’s opinion is still respected amongst her comrades. However, being welcomed is not easy, it comes with its ups and downs. Stumble we must and then it all clicks. I guess that happens with everyone. Such is life. We fail only to win in the end, provided we gained wisdom along the way.

So much is happening in the world. Turn the switch on and there is chaos. Revolutionaries want to change the world for the better. We want to spread the Word. The Good Word mixed with so much ‘ugly truth’ and yet Spiritual. Revolutionaries are ‘peacemakers’. We are indeed. Deep in our soul there is a yearning for a better and peaceful path. Resistance is the way of life for us. Perhaps we have a problem with authority? No?

We have nothing but our instincts on and make contact with others. The beauty of a Revolutionary is his/her acceptance of others and observing both sides of the coin. We must be open-minded and acknowledge the realities of what is happening around us. Different approaches are experimented on, but I find a softer way is best. Yet moves are planned well in advanced. A Revolutionary’s path is longer but improves with each failure. Slow and precise is how we move.

What is happening? The Police State USA that has taken over is enough to break our hearts. We fear for our loved ones’ lives. Will they come home safe? It does not matter what your race, or ethnic background may be we all are targets. 9/11 changed the world for the worse. The Middle East is on fire but the good old USA is crumbling within faster than one can bleak. Don’t take my word for it. Step outside.

Why is it happening? The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. War is profitable for the imperialists and the elite that go along with it. While the rest of the world crumbles, plans are being made to rebuild and step over the homeless crawling all over the streets. The immigration crisis will become unbearable. It all sounds like an ‘Escape from New York’ scene. Believe it or not, that movie was quite disturbing. I imagine a world such as this. Only now, it is a reality in some parts of the world and slowly coming to a neighborhood near you in the good old USA.

The American Dream is now an American Nightmare.

To be continued….


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