Why George Jackson Matters Through the Lens of Blood in My Eye

George Jackson was a giant that U.S. State could not contain – so it killed him. “It was Jackson who developed a foundational theory of the prison state in relationship to the design of the imperialist system.” Jackson said revolutionary movements require three elements: “an above ground organization that carries out political work, an independent media, and an underground organization committed to creating crises for the establishment.”

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2 thoughts on “Why George Jackson Matters Through the Lens of Blood in My Eye

  1. Thank you for the link from the Black Agenda Report (B.A.R.).

    Speaking of the B.A.R., Glen Ford is the kind of truth-teller that white supremacists want to silence, since Glen Ford is black. In so doing, white supremacists cut their own throats.

    For example, when the average white person speaks about Greece, or economics, he or she repeats the same bullshit over and over. Therefore nobody learns anything. But a black person like Glen Ford cuts through the lies. He speaks the truth, clearly and plainly.

    In the video below, Ford talks about Greece and the “total, devastating, and catastrophic capitulation” of Alexis Tsipras and the SYRIZA politicians (which white idiots continue to call “leftists.”) Glen Ford says what I say: that the bankers installed Alexis Tsipras in order to keep crushing Greece with austerity. Ford says (as I do) that Alexis Tsipras’ betrayal should not surprise anyone, since the SYRIZA politicians never intended to leave the euro-zone. They never intended to challenge the tyranny of the bankers. They condemned austerity while they planned to worsen it.

    The day after the bankers installed Tsipras, I put up a blog post at T.U.T. titled, “The SYRIZA betrayal.” It had a photo of Tsipras hailing the crowds. Behind Tsipras was a big sign that said, “Suckers!”

    That was eight months ago. T.U.T. readers responded with comments like, “Give SYRZA a chance!” I explained that Alexis Tsipras was an Obama: someone who works only for the bankers, but who pretends to represent the masses. The bankers must keep installing Obamas in order to keep impoverishing the masses.

    Bill Clinton was an Obama. On the campaign trail, Clinton told his audiences, “I feel your pain!” Then, after the bankers installed them, Clinton tripled the pain. He ended welfare, he rammed through NAFTA, he ran a federal budget surplus, and so on.

    Glen Ford understands this. In the video below, Ford correctly notes that “phony socialists,” and “phony leftists” are a global problem. He says that if you are serious about socialism, then your first and foremost task is to nationalize the banks. If you do not talk about this, then you are not a socialist. Period. The Occupy Wall Street kids never talked about nationalizing the banks. They only had slogans.

    Ford also points out that Tsipras’ betrayal was inevitable, since Tsipras and SYRIZA never made any preparations whatsoever to nationalize the Greek banks. (Or as I phrase it, they never made any preparations to dump the euro and reclaim their monetary sovereignty, so that the Greek government could one again create money out of thin air.)

    Again, this is the kind of truth-telling that white supremacists want to silence.

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