One thought on “Suit to Accuse New York City and State of Keeping Children in Foster Care Too Long

  1. FROM THE ARTICLE: “Running through these cases, according to a federal class-action lawsuit being filed on against the child welfare agencies of New York City and New York State, is a common thread of delay, mismanagement and incompetence that keeps children in an often harmful foster care system for months or years longer than necessary.”

    KONRAD: Personnel in child welfare agencies are notoriously lazy and self-righteous. They seek to maintain their jobs, using children as pawns.

    FROM THE ARTICLE: “What pervades the New York City system, which I haven’t seen anyplace else, is that there is no sense of urgency whatsoever. And there’s no accountability.”

    KONRAD: It is perhaps worst in NYC, but “Child Protective Services” are lousy everywhere in the USA. The bastards will abduct your child if you don’t pump him or her full of Big Pharma’s poisons, and then doom your child to a permanent limbo that is like a military boot camp.

    Here again the problem stems, in part, from gratuitous austerity at the federal level. States and cities don’t have enough money to properly run foster care, since the U.S. government is “broke.”

    FROM THE ARTICLE: “New York City outsources the day-to-day care of foster children to 29 nonprofit agencies that oversee placements and services.”

    KONRAD: There it is. Keeping children forever in foster care is a way to maintain the profits of these “nonprofit agencies.”

    FROM THE ARTICLE: “Deciding whether a child’s removal from a parent’s care was warranted often takes 10 months or more for judges in Family Court, where advocates say judges start late, caseworkers show up unprepared or without paperwork, and months-long adjournments are routine.”

    KONRAD: Again this occurs throughout the USA, not only in New York. Anyone who has been through the Family Court system knows that Family Court judges are the laziest and stupidest judges of all. They use any excuse to avoid making decisions. Meanwhile the attorneys drain their clients dry.

    Hopefully this lawsuit will help.

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