4 thoughts on “Why Cuba Won’t Extradite Assata Shakur

  1. I was a cop, and later a prison guard. I can tell you that there is a gang mentality in the “justice system.”

    Cops, judges, prosecutors, guards, and district attorneys at all levels (federal, state, and county) tend to see the public (who pays their salaries) as the enemy. They have an “us against them” mentality. The few people in the system who do not have this mentality are ridiculed. Among prison guards, for example, if you do not mistreat inmates, you are derided as an “inmate lover.”

    We see this gang mentality in the endless vendetta against Assata Shakur, 67, who is regarded as the “enemy.” She is “outrageously defiant” for having survived.

    What a wretched life a prosecutor must have. They live and work comfortably, and yet they regard their victims (like Assata Shakur) as rivals and competitors. “How dare she defy me by surviving all my attempts to murder her? Just by surviving, she is a terrorist!”

    Now New Jersey’s insane governor, the morbidly obese Chris Christie, wants Ms. Shakur extradited. Perhaps Christie wants to execute her by sitting on her.

    Speaking of extradition, will the USA send the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles back to Cuba to face charges?


    Carriles, born in Cuba, became a CIA assassin who worked in Cuba, Panama, and Venezuela. In 1976 he bombed a Cuban airliner, murdering 73 people. He tried several times to kill Fidel Castro, and he has a long record of terrorist activities and drug trafficking for the CIA. Mr. Carriles now lives in Miami.

    On a different note, the Counterpunch article has a link to the FBI’s Top Ten “Most Wanted Terrorists,” which still has Adam Gadahn is still on that list, even though Gadahn has been thoroughly outed as a California Jew posing as a Middle Eastern jihadist. “Adam Gadahn” is Adam Pearlmen, the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist who served on the ADL board of directors, and who was fanatically pro-Israel.

    • Speaking of Adam Pearlman (cf. my comment above), today (23 April 2015) the corporate media outlets added to their lies by claiming that Pearlman (aka “Adam Gadahn”) was killed in a drone strike in in Afghanistan in January 2015.

      All of the corporate outlets say that Pearlman is a “convert to Islam.” Very few mention that he is a Jew from an affluent Jewish family. The Jewish media outlets mention it, but they claim that Pearlman converted to Christianity, not Islam. (Jews would laugh at any suggestion that a Jew converted to Islam.)

      Some corporate outlets say his father was a goat farmer. Others outlets say his father was a rock musician. Still others say his father was a Hollywood movie producer, or a clothing merchant.

      Obviously Pearlman got tired of having his name on the FBI list of “most wanted terrorists,” so he asked the FBI to arrange for his “death.”

      What depresses me is that most people actually believe this nonsense.

  2. I believe it will take a long time before relations with Cuba come to some warm agreement. Posada may never live inside a Cuban jail, but I’m sure his days are limited. Aren’t they all?

    I agree with you about the gang mentality in the system. They all want to score high points at the expense of the little people. We are the bad guys and they the good ones. Yeah right. They are all the same.

    As far as Assata Shakur is concerned, I have been saying from the very beginning, there will be no American embassy in Cuba in April and there will be no announcement of one being opened during the Panama Summit. Why? Because I knew from the very beginning that this administration was going for Assata and Cuba said they will never give her up or anyone that has been granted asylum. This was the first thing that Obama wanted. Was he so stupid that he actually thought that Cuba would be so desperate to do such a thing? Yes. Obama is very stupid. Christie needs to chill before those donuts explode in his face. Assata is innocent. There is much to say on this topic.

    Obama has agreed to taking Cuba off the ‘terrorist list’. What a joke! People who resist the cruel imperialist are terrorists.

    Governor Cuomo is in Cuba right now with 20 New York business people. They want to sign contracts with their physicians, since Cuba has found a cure for lung cancer. I think the lab is called Roswell and they want to ‘assist in creating the cure’, as if Cuba hasn’t already. Cuomo believes with his presence there, congress will lift the embargo. The world recognizes the brilliance of the revolution and the USA cannot stay behind. They need to climb on board, but Cuba is not making it easy for them. Good!

    Times are changing and awareness is rising. The empire has fallen. Cuba is willing to live through another 55 years of embargo. But, they won’t have to, because the world is becoming independent of the imperialist and they are willing to fight to the death. Sanctions will be laughed at. People are laughing at the imperialist. One more thing Israel is jealous. They want to be the ones to cure the world of cancer, or should I say pretend to, but it is Cuba who is the leader in medicine. Who would people go to? Again, the Cubans are the leaders in medicine, humanity, and good-will. What is Israel known for? The good people of the world know the difference. Don’t be surprise if Cuba rises to the top. They are worthy of it.

    I seriously doubt Obama will succeed with Cuba before his term is up. Anything to make him look more stupid would suffice. Cuba is not Iran. There is a HUGE difference between the two. My people will not bow down and will not sit across a table of morons negotiating what has already been put on the plate.

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