Immigration equals ethnic cleansing

nyc streets

Empire State:6th Ave

New York City can be alive with vibrant authentic multi-cultures living side by side. The night clubs light up the neighborhoods, whether it’d be Latin, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Arabic, Chinese, etc., you are guaranteed to find your flavor. Imagine colorful people everywhere go. Now, they too, are facing an ethnic cleansing. Many are finding themselves being driven out of their native neighborhoods. Buildings previously owned by Landlords are now being bought via heavy-hitter real estate investors, who in turn build outrageously priced condos/coop complexes or more ritzy hotels. Perfect example is the Upper Westside of Harlem. What’s next? Perhaps bringing Vegas into Manhattan is in the works. Rob the people and bring more money in so that only the ‘untouchables’ can roll the dice. The corporate investors have forced out the native tenants, and their choices are to live elsewhere or become the norm, which is the growing number of homeless people. The only sound heard from the neighborhood is our memory lingering in the air every so often when we experience a ‘déjà vu’.

As I was walking through the streets in the evening, heading towards downtown Manhattan, out of nowhere stood a brand new hotel. It was not quite finished but it definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of the block, and opened for business. Why would they have a weird designed hotel in the middle of this neighborhood? Surrounding were the old original architectural buildings with fire escapes and small restaurants managed probably by the same owners for decades. I already knew in my heart the plan that was transpiring. The neighborhood will be going through a facelift.

Heading back towards uptown was another situation. Homeless people everywhere and I’m talking about decent neighborhoods in Manhattan all in mid-town areas. They would lie on their spots marked exclusively just for them. That was their territory. Homeless people lying in front of Deli’s in the neighborhood and no one would bother them. Sleep and be warm. I wondered if the Deli’s workers fed them too because, they would stand and watch over them. What else can we do? We give what we can. I have never seen so many homeless especially among the youth. Maybe I have, and only now able to connect the dots.

homeless:storefront:closer homeless:deli:blurry
What is more shocking is the youth that are homeless come in all shades. They seem to huddle together and keep each other company. They should be in school. What happened to them? Where are their families? Yet, I respect them. They are survivors in a society that is robbing them and also being deprived of what used to be the ‘American Dream’. An ethnic cleansing of the mind is genocidal!

 homeless:youth:7th Ave
Immigration equals ethnic cleansing. We argue over immigration crisis, just take a look at the city streets of Manhattan or any major USA city. It is now, I will say, ‘we are living in a mixed neighborhood’. The homeless are growing versus the elite with the police state enforcements in between. It’s not just here but worldwide.

On my way home, I leaned against the window on the train ride. At this point I just want to relax, but my mind drifted to all the pictures and articles of war torn countries in the Middle East, Ukraine, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Incompetent world leaders seemed to be destroying them as well with the notion of fighting ‘terrorism’. The natives from these countries are purposely being driven out of their homes and adding to the world population of homeless and immigration. It is true that in the USA drones are not being used to destroy our homes, but those bulldozers are just as effective. Let’s not forget the elite don’t seem to mind, all they do is move into a newly built residency. I will add that in between they are overstepping the homeless as if they were non-existent. The death toll is too alarming to go into elsewhere. But, Americans are experiencing a slower death and betrayal of its own. Hence our own ethnic cleansing has been in progress. Finding a place to sleep or food to eat has become extremely stressful. The elite seem to be preparing for a mass exodus. Only the masses are awakening. Is it too late?

Whether they are homeless or looking for residency that is affordable to keep their bodies warm and have food on the table, they are still being forced out from the norm and venturing into a new environment and faced with unfamiliar challegenes. Frightening don’t you think? It’s up to the people to recognize that what is being done outside the USA is creeping up in our own neighborhoods. I see it in mine. Why can’t you? We are forcibly being pushed out while the elite move in.

What are we going to do about it?

One thought on “Immigration equals ethnic cleansing

  1. The process of rich people driving out regular people in urban centers is called gentrification, and it’s a problem in most US cities.

    After World War II the USA became a manufacturing powerhouse, and also constructed a national highway system. This gave birth to suburbia. People who had previously lived in urban tenements as impoverished peasants started moving farther and farther out from city centers. They installed swimming pools in their houses as status symbols. Rich people lived on giant estates in the countryside. Urban centers became strictly places to work, and nothing more. At night they were dark zones of crime and despair.

    In the late 1980s the US economy switched from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. Next, the USA switched from industrial capitalism to financial capitalism. The economy split onto two different entities: Main Street and Wall Street. Mean Street is the realm of the real economy. It consists of all the physical things that most people think of when they use the word “economy.” Wall Street is the realm of making money from money.

    The peasants did not realize this, because the real economy was kept going by easy money (i.e. debt) and various bubbles (the dot-com bubble, the housing bubble, and so on.) The “war on terror” gave a boost to the US economy since it entailed a massive increase in federal government spending.

    Then the housing bubble burst in 2008. Since then, everything and everyone in the USA has livbed to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. Countless millions of Americans lost their homes to foreclosure. Suburbia died in many parts of the USA.

    Rich people in the financial economy (those who make money from money) started moving back to the city centers to be close to the skyscrapers that held big banks, stock markets, hedge fund operations, and so on. Old run-down tenements and office buildings were converted into condominiums (called “lofts”) that are priced at a million dollars each, or more. Suburbia was dead, and the masses could not move back to the city centers, because rents and sale prices had skyrocketed (and continue to do so).

    Landlords exploit this windfall by using every imaginable trick to force tenants out of their apartments in city centers, so that rich people can move in and pay ten times the rent. The Internet is full of articles about this.

    As a result of all this, the number of homeless people has exploded, along with societal attempts to forcibly keep the homeless off the streets and out of the cities. The rich don’t want to see these victims of the rich. Never since the end of world War II has it been such a crime to be homeless.

    LASILENCIA WRITES, “What is more shocking is the youth that are homeless come in all shades. They seem to huddle together and keep each other company. They should be in school. What happened to them? Where are their families?”

    Their families lost their homes to foreclosure, or else they were forced out of their apartments by gentrification and creeping poverty. EVERYTHING in America is now geared toward widening the gap between the rich and the rest. The human species is at an impasse. Today our only advances are in violence, greed, poverty, and inequality.

    Unfortunately THIS IS HOW THE PEASANTS WANT IT. They cheer for “America.” They support the current system because it is easier to blame each other than to band together against the rich and their puppet politicians. Meanwhile they dream of winning the lottery.

    I see this every day in a million different ways. Recently on a different web site (Lasilencia knows which one) I tried to educate a person about how US government finances work. I showed that the government has infinite money, but that politicians falsely claim that the US government is “broke.” The reason why politicians lie is – again – to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. This other person rejected the facts. He believed (with zero proof) that all money in the US economy consists of loans from the Federal Reserve. He did not want to learn. He had his false beliefs, and that was that.

    My point is that closed-mindedness is one of a million ways that the peasants voluntarily CHOOSE to remain impoverished. For example, they repeat the lie that “Social Security is insolvent,” because they resent that other people besides themselves get government benefits. They repeat the lie that the US government is “in debt” (it isn’t) because it’s fun to gripe. They bash Muslims or immigrants or blacks, while supporting their true enemies (the rich) in subtle ways.

    The 99% are doomed by their own vices and foibles. How else could the 1% rule them?

    I’m not condemning the poor. I’m trying to clarifying what’s really happening.

    If you do not care about the poor, then you are part of the problem. If you DO care, but your mind is closed, then you do not really care. You use homeless people as a symbol to justify some personal complaint about something.

    To be sincerely compassionate, you must be genuinely willing to learn throughout your entire life, and be open to alternate ways of looking at the world. You must be willing to say, “I don’t fully understand,” and be willing to keep asking and researching. “What do I know, and how do I know it?”

    It’s good if you give some money to a homeless person, but it’s even better if you make him or her PAY you for it. For instance, when I give money to the poor, I require them to talk to me for a minute. Why are you here? What happened to you? Do you have any plans? Where will you sleep tomorrow night? How did you get that scar? Stuff like that. You’d be surprised at how much you learn about life, including your own life. It’s a waking-up process.

    Money is a necessity, like food, but it’s not enough. If you really want to care for the poor, then you must prove to them that they are not invisible to you. True, it will just be a drop in the bucket, but you are not God, and you are not required to be. Morally, you are only expected to help whoever happens to cross your path.

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