La Silencia (‘Silences’)

Silence Screams The Truth:Perfect!!

La Silencia (‘Silences’)

Allow me to play with your imagination a bit.

Everywhere there are silences. All life forms are sitting in total quietness, waiting. Waiting? Out of total silences comes the unexpected. Hush! The silences are setting in. The Revolutionaries are marching, crawling, waiting in total silences amongst themselves. Discipline thy hearts so it won’t beat too loud and distract from the stillness. Signals are our only way of communications. Our silences will allow us to see within our souls. We are set to march with Truth as our weapon.

Who is a Revolutionary? A Revolutionary believes in Humanity and fights for it. A Revolutionary is the master of his/her plan to defend the good of the people. Family is important to a Revolutionary. A Revolutionary has visions and dreams, goals must be set, but first the plan must be perfected, just as one would perfect their game of chess. A Revolutionary scouts out for comrades to stand side by side with the same beliefs and passion for life, not just for themselves but their future generations to come. We grow in numbers and discipline our training. Survival is the Plan. Truth is our weapon.

Am I a Revolutionary? I consider myself Revolutionary minded, in the sense that my words of Truth are my weapons. My heart and soul speak and feel Truth. No lies can ever come out of a Revolutionary’s lips. Our silences have allowed us to be patient and wait. We must never despair. Most important to me, as a Revolutionary minded Female are the struggles of Humanity that are suffering from war torn countries, ghetto neighborhoods, poverty, and many injustices.

There is so much evil happening in the world. A piece of my soul is taken from me for every child I see brutally murdered by drones, gun fires, run over by tanks, raped, beaten and have their innocence robbed from them. No logical explanation exists for this barbaric behavior, it matters not how you spell it. The Middle East is being bomb everyday let’s include Africa, Ukraine, military coups in Latin America, etc., the flames keep growing.

Have you looked at the USA lately? Our police state has proven to be lowlifes who have no remorse for life and there are not enough words to describe the so-called leadership that resides in the White House. Shall we rename it the Bloodbath House? America is a war torn country too. Our neighborhoods are proof! The economy is proof! We are not ‘exceptional’.

‘What’s going on’? The famous song by Marvin Gaye and it speaks volume today. What is actually going on? Have people lost their spirituality? Their reasoning on what is right and wrong? Do they not see what is happening in their own neighborhoods? It’s no different from any other in the world. People are people. We feel pain, joy, sadness, anger and love. Is it too much to put all differences aside and say ‘hey something is not right.’

We each have a calling in life. Some recognize it in good time and others longer. Since I am Revolutionary minded, waiting in my own silences was deafening and many times lost patience. Perhaps, I, too, am looking for comrades.

It matters not whether you are female or male. We are Revolutionaries. Our weapon is Truth.

“Lies. Who has ever heard a lie from the lips of a Revolutionary? Lies are weapons that help no Revolutionary, and no serious Revolutionary ever needs to resort to a lie. Their weapon is reason, morality, truth, the ability to defend an idea, a proposal, a position.” Fidel Castro

“Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world. This is the most beautiful quality in a Revolutionary.” Che Guevara



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