Venezuela to Send 60 More Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Palestine

venezuela plane

Venezuela to send second shipment of aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

On Monday the Venezuelan government will send another 60 tons of products for humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza. This will be the second shipment of supplies, with the first 12 ton shipment set to arrive in Gaza through Egypt this Tuesday.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua detailed the content of this latest shipment which includes electric generators, beds, medicines, surgical equipment as well others supplies to “support the reconstruction of 17 hospitals that were destroyed by the Israeli Army in Palestine,” he said.

Since the start of Operation “Protective Edge” on July 8, the Israeli attacked has killed 2,016 Palestinians, including 541 children and 250 women.

The government has also announced the creation of shelters for ophaned children, who expected to arrive Venezuela in the coming days.

“We’re only waiting for a response to the Palestine State approving the number of children they estimate they will send,” said Jaua.

The first humanitarian aid from Venezuela also contained over a thousand of toys made by artisans and children in Caracas, as well as clothes and shoes, blankets, pillows, non-perishable food, drinking water, surgical equipment, drugs, tents, and lamps.
Venezuelan humanitarian aid plane to arrive in Egypt

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