Ecuadorian Official Says Chevron Must Pay for Environmental Crime


Quito, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The U.S. oil company Chevron-Texaco committed one of the biggest environmental and social crimes in history, denounced the president of the Commission on Biodiversity of the National Assembly of Ecuador, Carlos Viteri.

“Chevron is one of the most powerful global corporations, and between 1964 and 1990 it provoked an irreversible environmental disaster through its malpractice in oil extraction,” Viteri told Prensa Latina.

“In this regard it must face justice and comply with the sentence imposed to compensate for all the damage it caused to the environment, land, water, soil and human life, he added.

Viteri said that 30,000 people affected are humble people from the ancestral peoples and nations who have been forced for decades to live with that impact.

“They have been seeing their relatives dying of cancer and pollution related diseases of different kinds, and they have every right to a claim for damages.” Despite this cruel reality, Chevron, which caused the damage to the families and the entire country, has decided to developed a campaign against Ecuador to avoid paying those affected, for the damages caused, added Viteri. “Chevron cannot cover the sun with a single finger; their own experts demonstrated that caused irreversible damage. Thus, without a doubt, Ecuadorians hold the strongest irrefutable argument: the truth.”

Native with oil on hands:ecuador

Regarding International Anti-Chevron Day, he said that there were demonstrations around the world, in countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, in solidarity with the Ecuadorian case.

Vitreri also added that Ecuador remains with open arms and invites personalities from around the world to learn what happened during almost three decades of irresponsible oil drilling practices.

Responding to a question about his level of optimism with the actions developing globally against Chevron, Vitreri said that he is very hopeful, because “the truth is on our side.”

The U.S. company spilled millions of gallons of oil into the ecosystem, others millions of gallons of toxic water in soils and rivers, and burned billions of cubic feet of gas, as proven in court proceedings.

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